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India Pale Ale

“Here, Have a beer. It will make you right.” Ernest said to Tarzan. Tarzan had never had the true beer before and Ernest knew this would not be his last. He Drank the beer quickly. It was cold, and Tarzan knew this too. He looked at the beer coolly. “Me Tarzan, you beer.” Ernest looked at Tarzan and felt old. “Vas iz schviss vit da old schtuff?” Ernest and Tarzan turned to watch as Sigmund entered the room strangely. “Sigmund,” Ernest said, “my old primitivo! Have a beer with us”. Sigmund knew what Ernest meant and he could not bear it. They all had a beer and it was good. Ernest said “Do you remember how it was in Stinson with the running of the dogs and how we ate crullers and got drunk on the Lagunitas Pale and stole grunion from the from the young girls at the Cafe de Sand Shekel?” Sigmund thought of how Ernest could be cruel and he did not answer. He thought how only dogs were not cruel. And also how sometimes a cold beer was just a beer. Tarzan thought of nothing. They all ordered contuuzti del corratzo and spoke not of their big cigars.

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